The Florida Trust appreciates the support of our Regional Ambassadors who provide a direct voice for our large and diverse state. These volunteers are a contact person between the Florida Trust and the particular region that they represent out of the eight designated regions.

Wherever you are in Florida, our Regional Councils are just a click away! We created these local groups to:  

Above: Participants at a Florida Trust meeting

  • Advocate for local historic preservation
  • Cultivate public awareness of historic sites and related issues
  • Remain close to the pulse of community preservation news
  • Assist with finding and understanding resources related to preservation, including grants, tax credits, etc.
  • Respond to membership & sponsorship inquiries
  • Assist with understanding local and National Register of Historic Places designations, and what they mean for property owners and communities
  • Assist with understanding regional preservation techniques, vendors, and resources
  • Assist with connecting you with local Main Streets
  • Would you like to help? Your Regional Council would love to hear your ideas or feedback:
  • Ideas for local preservation-themed events
  • Suggestions for local nominations for 11 to Save and Florida Preservation Awards
  • Discussion of local issues to help inform our advocacy


Please include your region number (see the map above) in the subject of the e-mail:

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