An Alliance Working to Make Preservation Happen

The Florida Historic Tax Credit Alliance, part of the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, consists of key leaders working to make a statewide historic tax credit in Florida a reality.

As the only state among our neighbors without a state historic tax credit, Florida is falling behind. We know states without a state historic tax credit do significantly fewer preservation projects each year. In 2021, Florida completed only nine Federal Historic Tax Credit Part 1 applications – while our friends in Louisiana completed 88 and neighbors in Georgia completed 61.

​We are working to fix that by creating a tool to incentivize preservation-friendly restoration and rehabilitation projects – especially in our Main Streets and underserved rural corridor. Without a state historic tax credit in place there is a lack of financial incentive for preservation investment in Florida. This negatively impacts the preservation of the historic places that make Florida unique and deprives communities of the economic benefit brought through these restoration and preservation projects.

We  invite you to join this Alliance made up of different industries, but with a common goal to preserve our state’s historic resources.

Be a part of our work! Alliance members join the Florida Trust as Heritage, Sustaining or Pinnacle Partner members. Alliance members receive weekly advocacy updates during Florida’s Legislative Session, as well as invitations to participate in strategy and planning work throughout the year.

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