11 to Save Grant Fund: $5,000 Awarded to Mt. Olive AME Church

Mt. Olive AME, one of the 2023 Florida’s 11 to Save.

Tallahassee, Fla. November 30, 2023 – In its second 11 to Save Grant Fund cycle, the Florida Trust awarded $5,000 to Mt. Olive AME Church in Jacksonville, marking a significant step in preserving Florida’s historical landmarks.

Founded in 1887, the Mount Olive A.M.E. Church was built in 1922 and was one of the most significant projects designed by Richard Lewis Brown the first Black Architect in Jacksonville, Florida. The church embodies a rich cultural and historical legacy from reconstruction, and segregation, and is associated with Civil Rights leader Asa Philip Randolph and Abraham Lincoln, one of the founders of the African American Insurance Company and American Beach which serves as a place of refuge for African Americans during segregation.

Mt. Olive AME is set to utilize its grant for emergency repairs to its roof, which has deteriorated significantly. “Mt. Olive AME Church congregations are overwhelmingly excited and sincerely blessed by the support the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation has provided them since being recognized as a historical site,” said Rev. Elizabeth E. Yates, the Presiding Elder of the church. “This award will help the church address an urgent need to mitigate water damage until a complete roof replacement can be done based on future funding.”

Throughout the end of 2023, the Florida Trust also aims to raise awareness and funds for future endeavors. By sharing stories of past and present 11 to Save recipients, the Trust hopes to inspire further generosity towards preserving additional historic sites in Florida.

Mike Cosden, Board President of the Florida Trust, expressed enthusiasm about the direct impact of the 11 to Save Grant Fund and the potential for larger awards in the coming year, inviting preservation enthusiasts to contribute to the cause. “This grant represents our commitment to safeguarding our state’s rich heritage,” said Cosden. “We are hopeful and optimistic that with the continued support and generosity of our community, we will be able to raise even more funds next year, further amplifying our impact on preserving Florida’s priceless historic sites.”

Supporters interested in contributing to the Florida Trust’s mission can contribute by making a donation or by purchasing a set of 11 to Save note cards. All proceeds directly benefit the 11 to Save Grant Fund.

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