Historical Commission Reviews Grant Applicants

The Florida Historical Commission reviews Special Category Grant applications.
Preservationists Laura Lee Corbett and Kathleen Slesnick Kauffman at the Department of Historical Resources.

Every fall, the Florida Historical Commission evaluates applications for the Florida Department of State’s Division of Historical Resources’ Special Category Grants program, a significant source of funding for local, regional and statewide initiatives aimed at preserving notable historic and archaeological sites, for major archaeological excavations or research projects and the creation and development of prominent museum exhibits, enhancing public understanding and appreciation of Florida’s history.

This year, the panel convened on Wednesday, September 27, in Tallahassee, and was attended by Florida Trust CEO & President Melissa Wyllie, past and current Florida Trust Board members and Trustees Emeriti, as well as preservationists from around the state.

Welcoming grant applicants to the capital, the Florida Trust organized a reception at the historic Florida Trust house.

Despite the rain, preservationists from local and remote communities congregated at the 103-year-old Queen Anne house, toured the building, networked and enjoyed food, drinks and music.

You can view the complete list of projects that have requested Special Category Grant funding here.

Trust House Reception.
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