Join the Florida Trust Board!

We all know that preservation requires a full community of people with diverse backgrounds to succeed – do you want to be part of our work?

The Florida Trust for Historic Preservation is looking for new Board members!

We work to preserve and tell the full history of Florida, and our Board members are passionate ambassadors for this mission.

We seek to have a Board that represents the broad diversity of our state, and are also looking for geographic diversity and a variety of professional backgrounds.

Interested? Start by filling out our Board Interest form!

Board Responsibilities

  • Participate in major Florida Trust events, including Board meetings (three in person and one virtual each year)
  • Maintain Florida Trust membership at the Advocate level
  • Support the organization’s financial security
  • Help support membership development
  • Serve as a preservation advocate in your community

Board Duties

Board members must work together to achieve three legal standards in leading the organization.

  • Duty of Care: Requires all Board members to act in good faith and actively participate in governance.
  • Duty of Loyalty: A standard of putting the organization’s best interests ahead of their own and requiring the Board to speak as one voice after the decision has been made.
  • Duty of Obedience: Remain true to the mission of the organization, its bylaws and all applicable laws.

Further Information

  • Board members serve two consecutive three-year terms.
  • Board members are recommended by the current Board and voted on by the full membership of the organization during the Annual Florida Trust Membership Meeting (this year part of Preservation on Main Street in Tallahassee, July 10).
  • Board members must sign an annual Conflict of Interest form.
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